FBC Biloxi
Friday, September 19, 2014

worshipping God

Life begins with God.  There is a deep longing inside all of us to be in relationship with our Creator. However, we are born with a desire to do things our own way.  The Bible teaches that we are dead in our sin, objects of the wrath of God.  Yet even in our rebellious and selfish state, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, so that we can go from death to life, and from being objects of wrath to objects of His mercy.  God longs for a relationship with each of us.  He longs for friendship and fellowship.  He longs for us to worship Him.

Through the Sunday morning worship opportunities, through prayer meetings and prayer resources, and through daily devotionals, we want to help you cultivate intimacy with God.  We want to help you in your pursuit of worshipping your Creator!