FBC History

1924 – 2000

2000 – present

The first preaching by Baptists in Biloxi was in 1845, and in 1846 a church was constituted.  About 1855, the “little flock” built their first house of worship on Reynoir Street between Howard Avenue and the railway, but the members were scattered during the Civil War and all records lost.  Rev. J. B. Hamberlin reorganized the church on May 24, 1875 with eleven members.  The old property was regained and made suitable as a house of worship.  Because of the noise and general confusion “incident” to the Railway Station, on October 18, 1885, a substantial house of worship was completed on the north side of Division Street at Delauney.  On Thanksgiving Day, November 18, 1900, with the membership exceeding 100, a newly erected red brick church of classical lines was dedicated at the corner of Washington and Lameuse Street.

In the spring of 1924 it was recorded, “During the past eleven months, some 75 people have been added to the church by baptism and letter, and the work is being quickened at every point.  We thank God.”  A much larger church was erected at 917 Howard Avenue and worship began there on August 23, 1924.  During the next 76 years, resident membership grew, exceeding 1,500 and a modern new facility was raised.  Worship began at our present location on December 3, 2000, and lives continue to change as God manifests His Glory through His church.